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"Off The Mussel" Crafts

Sheila Giles-Wilson, Designer/Earring Queen

Featuring : "Walking Art"Jewelry Collection 

My Crafting Journey

I began testing my crafting skills many many years ago, first starting with bottle painting and design.  It didn't seem to be going anywhere.....but now,  you can find so many variations of painted and decoupage bottles!  Many moves later, I only have two samples left.  So funny!  

The next idea came when some of my friends were eating steamed mussels and throwing the shells away.  As I watched, I realized the shells, when opened, looked like butterflies.  Then it hit me and I begin toying with them until I created my "New Beginnings" Butterflies refrigerator magnets - hand painted and designed (see photos bottom right).  The name was inspired by mom.  She gave me a purple t-shirt that had a small butterfly on the front and a large one on the back and it said "New Beginnings."  I still have the t-shirt!  A couple years later, at my mom's funeral, I placed a special designed butterfly called "Simply Beautiful," in her casket.  

I had better luck selling this idea but never really pushed it.  I still make them from time to time and have a lot of my original work.  I also created what I called "Treasure Boxes."  In all, I have over 30 different designs stashed away.

OTM Blog

My First Craft Show

May 1, 2022

I finally attended my first craft show, on May 1st 2022.  It was held in my old stomping grounds, in Silver Spring, MD.  I was nervous but excited.  My son came with me to help me out........"Thanks J.R.!" was a bust!  It poured rain about an hour in and it was awful!  The crowd expectation was much below expected but on the bright side, I learned a lot.  The experience was very educational.  I didn't feel so bad when I discovered that none of the vendors were happy with the outcome.  

I did this for a whole other purpose and I acheived my goal........


"New Beginnings" Butterflies

Bride & Groom Set

"New Beginnings" Butterflies

Simply Beautiful - 2004

"New Beginnings" Treasure Box

Purple Scroll - 2004

Survived from Year 2000